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Powerful Generators related Products and Services

Custom diesel generators, engine control panels, weather or sound proof canopies and even PLC syncronization panels are all within our product range.


PacB Power Solutions proudly offers a wide range of diesel generator sets in all sizes from 10kVA to 2500kVA, manufactured to your specifications and preferences. These generators can be supplied in any common Voltage, from high to medium and low Voltages.

Control Panels:

PacB also to designs, manufactures and supplies any combination of electrical and engine control Panels needed with all the bells and whistles of modern technology available. We are specifically proud of our knowledge base and experience in PLC controlled Synchronizing systems for almost any number of sets.


Pac B Power Solutions operates a well equipped manufacturing facility for PLC control panels. We custom design and manufacture PLC control panels, mainly for the Generator industry. We have built numerous Change-over and control panels for generators in excess of 1000kVA. These panels are supplied in any of the standard LV ranges.


There are endless possibilities for new technology to be added to these panels. We can fit the latest SMS technology for starting and stopping, or just for information on the system. The owner has the opportunity to select what information he wants to be relayed to him via SMS.


We can fit tamper proofing on panel doors to prevent copper thieves entering the panel. Low fuel level systems and fire prevention system are commonly fitted. Remote start facilities are also available. We welcome any new ideas, and if they are scientifically sound, we believe that we can make them work.


Canopies are designed and built to your weather proofing and sound attenuation needs and specifications.

We also offer advice on canopy designs depending on the size of the engine

Synchronization Systems:

PacB Power specializes in the designing of these PLC controlled systems for the most complex multi station generator supply systems.


We have designed and build numerous of these synchronization panels for both Base Load and AMF with a variety of special requests.


We are proud of our faultless success with the commissioning of these systems which we see as one of our core strengths.