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The "PacB No-Break" system

In most manufacturing systems any electrical supply interruption results in large material and production losses. This nightmare can be solved with scheduled power outages with our no-break system. We now have on offer a PLC controlled system which prevents any electrical supply breakage during scheduled load shedding. This system offers you the following:

  1. A push-button on our panel which needs to be activated by the owner approximately five minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. The system will then start both machines simultaneously and synchronise them with each other.
  3. The system will monitor the current supply from the grid and use this as a reference.
  4. The PLC will then synchronise the two generators to ESCOM and gradually feed power into the load. Once the reference is reached the system will disengage the ESCOM supply.
  5. The PLC will continue to monitor the ESCOM supply.

We are aware that two scenarios are possible with regards to load shedding and have made provision for both.  The scenarios are as follows:

  1. Scenario 1: The supply from ESCOM stays on. An internal, pre-set timer will keep the system running for the set time. There after the system will switch back to ESCOM in the same way as transferring to the generators, without interference in the supply.
  2. Scenario 2: The ESCOM supply is lost. The PLC will monitor the incoming supply from ESCOM for its return. Once the supply is back, the PLC will monitor it for approximately 5 minutes to ensure its stability. There after the system will switch back to ESCOM without interference as described above.

This system prevents production losses due to the current scheduled load shedding.