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Say Goodbye to Power Cut Headaches with a Silent Generator

If you happen to live next door to the owner of even a quite small petrol-driven generator, you will be well aware that these extremely useful devices are far from silent. In fact, the explosive pounding that accompanies each cycle of compression and ignition can be quite infuriating. Fortunately, most neighbours tend to be more considerate and so would have made sure that the unit was discretely located and suitably protected by a sound-proof canopy in order to prevent any such disturbance either to themselves or to those living in nearby properties.


Even before it became necessary for South Africa's ordinary citizens and small business owners to consider acquiring a source of standby power for use in the event of a mains power outage, many of the nation's industries have long been reliant upon the ability to generate their own power on site. In the case of mining operations, for instance, their remote location often means that they are beyond the reach of the national network responsible for the supply of mains electricity.


Even where the location posed no such problem, the exceptionally high power requirements of many industries will often exceed that provided by the mains supply.  In such cases, the need is typically for several high-capacity on-site power sources as well as one or more replacement units should one of the large, invariably diesel-powered, and anything-but-silent generators, break down or require a bit of downtime for routine maintenance.


Those who are required to work in such environments are normally provided with ear protection gear to shield them from the constant high levels of noise typical of these nevertheless invaluable machines.  There are, however, many circumstances in which an auxiliary power source is equally vital but where, for practical reasons, the use of protective earmuffs may by impractical. While it is often possible to overcome the problem of noise by locating the power units in a spot that is remote from the working area, this is not always an option. Offices, for instance, especially those that form part of a tower block, often have no outside areas or rooftop on which to locate these units and, in order to overcome the problems inherent in premises such as these, engineers have had to explore ways in which to make these devices far less noisy.


In practice, these so-called silent generators are no different in terms of their basic operation from the earlier and noticeably noisier models and still act to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Their secret is to be found in the use of special sound-absorbent materials to construct housings that serves to damp the noise that they produce during their normal operation by as much as 50 percent or more. In this respect, then, it is not strictly accurate to refer to them as silent generators although they really are a lot easier to live and work with than their unshielded counterparts.


In addition to noise reduction, the use of engines operating on alternative fuels such as natural gas and LPG offer several additional benefits. For more information have a chat with a specialist at PacB Power Solutions.


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