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Power Station Shortfall Increasing demand for Generators in the Western Cape

Although it is the fourth-largest of South Africa’s nine provinces and only marginally smaller than the Free State, the surprisingly high demand for generators in the Western Cape is more the result of an inadequate mains power supply than the excessive demands for electricity arising from industries in the region. Serving the role of a commercial and residential area rather than a highly industrialised one, in addition to Cape Town’s department stores, hotels and office blocks, the bulk of the demand is from the province’s urban residents and the farms and world-famous vineyards of the Fairest Cape.


Home to the just three of the country’s power stations, the most iconic of these is the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. With its two reactors, it is the only one of its kind on the entire continent of Africa. Despite of it, this installation is able to supply a mere 7% of the nation’s growing total requirement, leaving the maximum combined output well short of meeting South Africa’s peak-time power requirements. While this is clearly a greater threat to the heavily industrialised province of Gauteng, as in the north, the demand for generators in the Western Cape for both domestic and commercial use is also on the increase.


In light of the power generation shortfall, it has become the responsibility of us all to do what we can to limit our use of electricity wherever this may be possible. While most consumers are making an effort, if only as a hedge against the punitive tariff hikes imposed in recent years, the shortfall persists. As a result, the national service provider has now been required to place constraints upon the supply in order to conserve its power reserves. A programme of new installations and upgrades to existing infrastructure is underway but will take several years to come online. In the meantime, we can expect more of the rolling blackouts and price hikes that have led to the increased sales of petrol and diesel-driven generators in many parts of the Western Cape.


Because of its status as a popular international tourism destination, Cape Town’s numerous hotels are obliged to maintain exceptionally high standards. To do so, however, is only possible when their management can rely on an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Even more important to both citizens and visitors alike, the region’s hospitals and clinics must also be able to guarantee that they can power operating theatres and life-saving medical equipment when required. Given the increased risk of outages and Eskom’s programme of rolling blackouts, in both cases, such guarantees are only possible with the aid of a suitable backup power supply that one can switch to in the event of an emergency.


If one is to avoid any inconvenience to guests or risks to a patient, the switching process should be automatic and as seamless as possible. A Gauteng-based company specialising in the design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of world-class industrial generator sets will shortly be offering its products and services directly to clients in the Western Cape with the launch of its new regional office.


With more than ten years of experience in the manufacture of complete generator sets of most leading brands and designing synchronised systems and customised control panels to automate the management of engines and electrical switching, the team at PacB Power Solutions offers clients everything that the company name implies and more.


Producing the best means working only with the best, and this is reflected by our decision to work only with leading international brands such as Perkins, Cummins, Scania and Volvo, to name just a few. We promise you turnkey solutions based upon the carefully calculated load requirements of the actual workplace and tailored to meet the generator requirements unique to each client, once fully operational in the Western Cape.


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