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The Demand for Generators for Office Use Continues to Grow

A mere decade or so ago, generators were rarely encountered outside of industrial installations, hospitals, hotels, and other institutions where an uninterrupted power supply was considered a necessity for safe and efficient operation. Today, however, they have grown to become a frequent fixture in many of South Africa's homes and are commonly used to provide a source of emergency backup power for many of the nation's office workers.


The demand for electrical power is one that is constantly growing and the rate of growth has increased with each advance in technology. Few homes are now without at least one TV set while a laptop, tablet, PC, a couple of mobile phones, and an Internet connection – all of which consume significant quantities of power – are all pretty much the norm in the average South African household of today. When one takes a closer look at the modern business environment, however, there may be no television sets in evidence but the number of other digital devices upon which we have become so dependent can exceed those in our homes be factor of ten, a hundred, or even more.


Providing the framework for internal and external communication and the gathering, analysis, and storage of data, the need to ensure a continuous power supply for these devices is crucial in an environment where the practice of maintaining hard copies is fast becoming a thing of the past. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) can certainly be helpful but these also rely on batteries with a limited capacity and which, therefore, must be constantly recharged. Not surprisingly, the more enterprising business owners are now choosing to install electrical generators for use in their office premises. They see these devices as providing the only reliable means with which they can avoid the potentially disastrous consequences posed by power outages, including those scheduled as part of Eskom's annoying but necessary load-shedding programme.


Maintaining a power supply to the workplace is not only necessary to maintain a company's communications and data handling capacity. Employees often need artificial light as well as climate control in the form of heating or air conditioning if they are to operate effectively. This, in turn, means that the overall power demand in such cases can be considerable and well beyond that which can be delivered by the compact petrol-driven units typically purchased for residential use.


Nevertheless, when selecting a generator for office use, there are other factors that will also need to be considered in addition to the unit's maximum power output. Certainly, the latter must be adequate to meet the load demands created by each item of equipment to be powered, both at start-up and whilst operating normally. However, safety considerations, running costs, and the level of ambient noise will also prove to play equally important roles in the overall decision-making process.


Although the calculations used to determine the power requirements of a business are not complex, when taken together with these other consideration, it may be advisable to seek the help of an expert. PacB Power Solutions is one such expert and is able to help you to select the most cost-effective and efficient generator set-up for meeting the unique needs of your office.


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