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How to Choose the Right Industrial Generators for Your Company

Given the current shortfalls in the mains electricity supply network more and more South Africans are finding it necessary to generate their own power, at least during those periods when Eskom is engaged in load shedding.


Generators need to be sufficiently large for your Business

The term “large”, as applied to electrical generators, whether used for business or domestic purposes, is not really intended as an indicator of their relative physical dimensions. In practice, it is a measure of the machine’s output capacity.


Why, How and Where to Buy a Generator in Durban

There are a number of reasons why one might want to buy a generator and they are all equally relevant, whether one may be located in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, or anywhere that is dependent for its supply of electricity on Eskom, the national service provider.


Backup Generators Keeping the Lights on in Cape Town

Reserve margins of electricity in South Africa are at critically low levels and continue to pose a long-term threat to the future of its industries and its citizens.


Commercial Diesel Generators – Providing the Heartbeat of the Nation’s Industry

Since the heydays of the South African gold rush, the country’s economy has become increasingly dependent upon what were once regarded as secondary industries, but that now number among its mainstays.


Diesel Generators Supply the Lifeblood of South African Industry

It is just a little less than two centuries ago when Michael Faraday performed the landmark experiment which revealed that an electromotive force (EMF) is produced in a suitable electrical conductor when it is subjected to variations in a nearby magnetic field.


Say Goodbye to Power Cut Headaches with a Silent Generator

If you happen to live next door to the owner of even a quite small petrol-driven generator, you will be well aware that these extremely useful devices are far from silent. In fact, the explosive pounding that accompanies each cycle of compression and ignition can be quite infuriating.


The Demand for Generators for Office Use Continues to Grow

A mere decade or so ago, generators were rarely encountered outside of industrial installations, hospitals, hotels, and other institutions where an uninterrupted power supply was considered a necessity for safe and efficient operation.


Mains Power Generators Alone Still Failing to Meet Gauteng Needs

There can be little doubt that South Africa is currently in the grip of an electrical power crisis. Nowhere is the evidence of this crisis more apparent than in the clear failure of the national utility company’s generators to adequately meet the growing demands of both residents and businesses in and around Gauteng.


Most of the Country’s Power Generators are operating in Gauteng

The simple fact that the smallest of the nation’s nine provinces is also the most populous is not hard to explain. As a region that featured prominently in the Witwatersrand Gold Rush, this led, inevitably, to the growth of many important support industries and opportunities for traders.


Power Station Shortfall Increasing demand for Generators in the Western Cape

Although it is the fourth-largest of South Africa’s nine provinces and only marginally smaller than the Free State, the surprisingly high demand for generators in the Western Cape is more the result of an inadequate mains power supply than the excessive demands for electricity arising from industries in the region.